Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

As Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said in 1849: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”


This very much applies to golf clubs and while we’ve time on our hands we’ve had a look at what our fellow members were discussing 120 years ago – on March 21, 1900 to be exact.


There were eight members present at the Midland Hotel in Bradford as the new clubhouse at Hawksworth was under construction. The meeting was chaired by Mr Dickson.


‘The previous minutes were read and confirmed.

Clarke Bailey of Guiseley, L. Horsfall of Baildon, Miss G. Priestman of Bradford, L. Povet of Apperley & A. Neill of Saltaire, having been balloted for were duly elected Members of the Club.


It was resolved that notice be given to members in default with their subscriptions in accordance with Rule 21 and that a notice be put in the Clubhouse calling attention to the rule.


Resolved to subscribe £1.1.0 to the Tait Memorial Fund (this was a Memorial Fund for Lieutenant Frederick Guthrie Tait who was a leading golfer at the end of the 19th Century who was killed aged 30 serving his country in the Second Boer War. )


The Hon. Treasurer was authorised to pay 5/- towards the Tylers’ Rearing Supper (this was a contribution given towards the celebratory meal laid on for the workers on completion of the clubhouse.)


Resolved that players be allowed to lift their ball out of unfinished bunkers, drop behind under a penalty of one stroke, a notice to be posted on the tee box adjoining the last tee from which a player would strike before reaching the bunker to which this rule applied.’


Has much really changed in the intervening 120 years? As a club we continue to welcome new members, ensure everyone settles their subscriptions on time, are generous to others, look after and reward our staff – and we are still talking about BUNKERS!