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  • Hole 6 - 360 Yards - Par 4

    The 6th hole turns the player back to the west and so into the prevailing wind. The ladies tee is high and to the right of the 5th green. The present men's back tee is off to the left of the ladies tee and is relatively low down. This makes the hole a slight dog leg to the left in shape. The fairway is undulating and quite narrow, but a well hit drive will catch a downslope and shorten the approach shot. The tee shot needs to be middle to left, which opens up the green. This is especially so if the flag is on the right of the green, because of the bunker at its right front and the slope of the ground which runs away to the left. There are many more trees down the right, but these are further away. Anything right off the tee brings the green bunker into play and as the green itself slopes right to left makes the second shot that much harder. There is a dip before the green and then a slight upslope and ridge which runs across the entry, making the second shot more difficult. This is compounded further by a piece of rough ground at the front left of the green, which was a bunker at one time. There is out of bounds to the left of the green and slightly to its rear, though it is not close in. Before the latter is reached the ground slopes sharply away. This hole has always been well thought of. It has a considerable degree of subtlety and the first thing for the player to do on reaching the tee is to check where the flag is on the green. The hole is made by the bunker guarding the right front of the green, plus the fact that the land approaching the green runs the ball off to the left.

    Kind thanks to John Beaumont for allowing use of his course description
    a full account of the article can be seen at the link on the Herbert Fowler page

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