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  • Hole 18 - 322 Yards - Par 4

    The 18th hole runs north and is slightly uphill from the start, the slope increasing as the hole gets nearer. The tee shot is pretty narrow. Up the right is a line of trees and outside of that is Willow Lane. On the left there is significant rough and further left some trees and heavy rough. Willow Lane (by this time a sunken road) bends left not far from the green and runs diagonally across the fairway. A very long drive can reach the road, which is considered as part of the fairway, so that if the player’s ball is on the road, he or she can play it as it lies or take a penalty drop. There is a particularly large tree on the right at a point just before Willow Lane starts to turn left. This is the main strategic feature on this hole, because anything right off the tee is blocked out from the green by the tree. In view of this, the hole plays as a kind of dog leg and requires a tee shot to the middle or left of the fairway. The green is set into the rising ground which is quite steeply banked in front. The green is guarded by three deep bunkers, one to the left front and two to the right front and side. The green slopes down to the front, so it is best to try to stay below the pin. It is a two tier green with a swale at the back. The tee shot makes this hole and is the key to success on it. The second, though only a short iron, is difficult to judge since the bottom of the flag cannot be seen from down the fairway. The hole makes a good finishing hole as birdie possibilities are always there, given, as stated earlier, a long and straight tee shot.

    Kind thanks to John Beaumont for allowing use of his course description
    a full account of the article can be seen at the link on the Herbert Fowler page

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