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  • Hole 12 - 142 Yards - Par 3

    As seen from the left, the 12th green is perched on Greenhouse Hill. This hole goes in the same direction as the previous one. A relatively recent new back tee has been put in. Normally the wind blows up the valley from the right, adding to the difficulty. By looking at the flag on the 9th green, which is situated just behind this green, one can see how strong the wind is. The green is on part of Greenhouse Hill, but the hole is still somewhat downhill. The green lies diagonally across the line of play with two bunkers to the right, one to the left and a fourth one close to the green in front. The latter is well below the hole, making visibility difficult and the need to get the ball up quickly. Between tee and green is a dip in the ground. The ground around the green falls away severely on all sides apart from front right. The sheltered tee makes club selection difficult, but the hole usually plays shorter than expected. This is a rather pretty short hole, the green of which is not an easy target despite the fact that it is usually only a short iron shot.

    Kind thanks to John Beaumont for allowing use of his course description
    a full account of the article can be seen at the link on the Herbert Fowler page

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