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  • Hole 1 - 325 Yards - Par 4

    The first hole has remained much the same since its creation. It runs directly west and so is against the prevailing wind. It is played along a ridge parallel with Hawksworth Lane on the right. Out of bounds is the whole way down the right side of the hole, but this is reasonably well away from the straight line. The green is just visible from the tee. Willow Lane, which is in a dip must be carried from the tee, but it is only 170 yards away. There are two bunkers, one left and one right to catch an errant tee shot. From Willow Lane the fairway runs slightly up until it reaches a brow at which it levels out to the green. A short second follows to the now unsighted green. The green is long, slopes to the left (as does the ground forming the approach to it) and is guarded by two shallow bunkers, one on each side and to the front. There is a line of trees at the back of the green. The hole is essentially a penal one and provides a relatively easy start to the course, something proposed as desirable by many architects, notably Harry Colt.

    Kind thanks to John Beaumont for allowing use of his course description
    a full account of the article can be seen at the link on the Herbert Fowler page

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